Who Is This For

Turf Assistant is for any facility desiring to establish attainable goals, more effectively manage the execution of day-to-day activities, and measure and communicate the progress towards meeting their goals.

Golf Course Superintendents

One software platform to help you manage all of the day to day challenges that you face. Whether it is managing labor, fleet, budgets or just simply your work-life balance, Turf Assistant is like adding an extra set of hands and an extra brain or two to help you keep your operations running smoothly. In addition Turf Assistant will help you answer the questions you constantly are bombarded with and allow you to manage expectations from your stakeholders.

General Managers

Turf Assistant will help you improve communications with your superintendent and stakeholders. Sometimes it may feel like you are stuck in the middle but Turf Assistant will give you the visibility that your superintendent and staff are working the plan that everyone agreed on without having to micro manage staff. Additionally when staff transition happens your plan doesn’t leave with is. It is all maintained right there in Turf Assistant for you to keep moving forward.

Multi-Facility Operations

For multi-facility operations, you have the same challenges as a superintendent and general manager but multiplied across the number of operations you are responsible for. Turf Assistant helps you craft plans and forecasts and gives you the visibility across all your operations that things are going to plan. Oh and while we know you will never need it, it also helps justify where budgeted dollars went when unexpected projects are requested and then questioned.

Sports and Recreation Complexes

While it may not be a green, tee or fairway, turf professionals for sports and recreation complexes face the same operational challenges. Since it is completely flexible and configurable, Turf Assistant will help your operations run more smoothly no different than a golf operations.

University and Corporate Grounds

For universities and corporate grounds, your job may be the hardest of all because there is no telling the areas you are responsible for. Today it may be all the grounds and tomorrow it may be water features and entrance ways. Turf Assistant africacasinos.co.za will help you create a plan, maximize your staff, maintain equipment and budgets no different than the other types of facilities. Did we mention is was flexible enough to roll with the punches as well?

What People Say

  • “Here at Blackhawk Country Club, we have a very extensive property that covers well over 2,000 acres and encompasses two 18-hole golf courses and a residential community. To be able to efficiently track the progress of employees with the use of Turf Beacons throughout the day has saved time and money. I highly recommend installing the beacons to improve crew efficiency, easier supervision, accountability and progress throughout the day.”

    Kevin Sullivan, Director of Agronomy

  • "We are using Turf Assistant to help our agronomic operation across multiple facilities. From the ground up, it allows us to complete a plan that meets the needs of our customer and then hand it over to our professionals in the field to execute. The data created is critical to help us to continually improve for both turf management and for budget. Our course that implemented the program on the first of the year has been able managed labor to within sixty hours of budget year-to-date. That is really impressive!"

    Tyler Minamyer, IGM

  • “When membership started questioning where our labor dollars were being spent it blew my mind that with the click of a button I was able to show them and make them understand. We had been using Turf Assistant for months but I didn’t really realize the power in the data and how easy it was to access.”

    Mike Kuhn, IGM