Turf assistant has solutions built to help you take control of your operations

turf assistant is a...

Single, Integrated Platform

Take control of your turf Operations with one platform

  • Plan attainable, Agreeable and Actionable cultural Practices
  • get the most out of your labor resources
  • manage your fleet proactively
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    Simplify budget and expense management
  • One Software to run your turf operations
  • No Solution silos
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    Automate The Execution of your Operations
  • input all of your operational plans
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    maintain Control During Staff Transitions

 that helps you take control of your...

Cultural Practices

Plan Attainable,  Agreeable and Actionable practices

  • Input all of your cultural plans
  • ensure your cultural plans are attainable
  • get agreement on your cultural plan
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    Turn your plans into actionable tasks
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    Drive decisions with data and not gut feeling

Labor Management

Get The Most Out Of Your Labor Resources

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    List Element
  • Schedule And Assign cultural and fleet Tasks
  • Effectively Communicate To Your Staff
  • Measure And Track Your Staff's Performance
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    Maximize The Staff That Is Available To You

Fleet Management

Manage Your Fleet proactively

  • fleet Maintenance plans built in
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    Put Your Fleet Maintenance On Autopilot
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    Gain Visibility Into Fleet Maintenance
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    Improve The Quality Of Your Entire Fleet

Budget and Expenses

Simplify Budget and expense management

  • Easily organize your budget and expenses
  • gain visibility into where money is spent
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    keep a record of expenses and receipts
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    Easy Reports that don't require a CPA