A Single, integrated platform to help you implement Your organizations best management practices

There are plenty of solutions that tackle one single problem for your operations. Software that will help you track your task history, execute your fleet maintenance, plan and report on your pest management practices. However, there aren't any solutions out there that help you manage all of these aspects of your operations in one single place, until now. Turf Assistant is the one platform you need to run all of your operations. From cultural practices, pest and nutrient management, fleet maintenance and budgeting, Turf Assistant will help you plan everything you are responsible for in your operations. After you have your plan in place, Turf Assistant enables you to execute your plan on a day to day basis by showing everything that needs doing across all the different aspects of your operations. As you and your team are executing your plan, Turf Assistant is automatically collecting all of your execution data and building reports to give you data to drive your decision-making process.

Turf Assistant is built around a simple but powerful 3 step process


Your management practices that live on paper or in spreadsheets are hard to quantify and achieve.  Turf Assistant was built to help you take your best management practices and create a plan that is actionable and attainable.


By building your management practices into a plan inside of Turf Assistant, you can now leverage the platform to automate the day to day execution of your practices.  Turf Assistant was built to help you keep your plan on track.


Until now, there has not been a single place to see data on how well you are executing your plan for your organization.  Turf Assistant collects your day to day execution data to give you actionable data to drive your decisions. 

create an actionable and attainable Business Management Practices

Turf Assistant was built to help you turn your management practices into an actionable and attainable plan for all areas of your operations (we call this a Plan).  It all starts with documenting your environment and understanding the vision for your organization.  From there we need to identify the areas of responsibility and build our management practices to achieve our vision.   Turf Assistant allows you to build a plan around your management practices and project labor and chemical costs and requirements of your plan.  Once your plan is approved then Turf Assistant will automate the day to day execution to help you stay on track.

vision and areas of Responsibility

Document the vision for your organization so you know where your plan should take you.  Define the areas of responsibility and the standards for each area to help your organization achieve its vision.

Project staffing and budget requirements

Understand the staffing and budget required to execute your plan. Present and justify your requirements with tangible data and not just a 'gut feeling'.

Pest and Nutrient Managment

Plan out your chemical and fertilizer applications in advance to better understand what they will cost your organization.

Cultural Practices

Create the tasks that will be required for each area to be maintained to the standards that have been defined.  Apply schedules to each task so that you know what will need to be done and when to meet the standards for each area.

fleet maintenance

Have a built-in maintenance plan for every piece of equipment in your fleet.  Know that you have a plan to properly maintain all the  equipment in your fleet to ensure the highest quality operating fleet possible


Plan your budget using the same tool you use for everything else.  Enter your budget categories and amounts to get started.

automate the execution of your business Management practices

Now that you have a plan you can be successful with, Turf Assistant will help you stay on plan by 'automating' the execution of the day to day responsibilities associated with your plan.  We wish Turf Assistant could pick up a shovel and dig a ditch for you but that is not what we mean.  Turf Assistant helps you stay on plan by showing you what needs to be done, what hasn't been done and what is upcoming based on the practices you created in your plan.  Take a look at the built in Assistants that will help keep you on track.

schedule assistant

Schedule Assistant will help you keep your plan on track by showing you what tasks are past due, due today and upcoming.  Schedule Assistant will allow you to assign these tasks to your staff and help you understand what staff member is responsible for what.  Schedule Assistant is flexible and can handle any change in plan or unexpected tasks.

equipment assistant

Equipment Assistant is the same as Schedule Assistant but for your fleet maintenance practices.  Equipment Assistant will keep your fleet maintenance on track by showing you what maintenance is past due, due today and upcoming.  Equipment Assistant will allow you to assign these tasks to your staff and help you understand what equipment in your fleet needs attention.  Equipment Assistant is flexible and can handle any unexpected tasks outside of routine maintenance.

time assistant

Time Assistant helps you measure and track your staffs performance.  After assigning a task, staff members clock into Time Assistant and start working on the their tasks.  Time Assistant will measure each working using the A.P.E.x Labor Management process developed by Turf Assistant.  It also allows you to communicate on a 1:1 basis with your staff.

expense assistant

Expense Assistant makes your expense management so easy.  Expense Assistant allows you to log every expense and it will keep a record for you.  No more spreadsheets or paper reports.  Additionally, Expense Assistant will allow you to attach copies of your receipts for archival and storage purposes.  At a glance, Expense Assistant will show you where you stand with your budget across all categories.  Easily recall past expenses, view their attached receipts and edit the expense as you need.

gain visibility into your management practices with data

As you execute your plan on a daily basis, Turf Assistant automatically collects the execution data and turns them into actionable and professional reports so that you know how well you are executing your plan.  These reports will give insight into your operations and allow you to make decisions based on data and not 'gut feelings' like you have been forced to do in the past.

Plan Projections and Actuals

Once you have your plan in place, Turf Assistant will build a 'book of standards' for your operation.  From the vision for your facility down to the cost of labor and chemicals for every area you are responsible for, Turf Assistant will give you the data you need to justify budgets and plan where your dollars are being spent.  Additionally as you start to execute your plan, Turf Assistant will give you the Actuals report so you can compare what you are actually doing versus what you planned to do.

A.P.E.x Labor Tracking

A.P.E.x Labor Management is one of the most powerful processes we have ever developed.  Built to help you get the most out of every labor resource you have available to you, A.P.E.x is simply impossible to measure without technology.  With A.P.E.x Labor Tracking, you are able to create a baseline performance measurement (we call this our A.P.E.x Score) for each staff member and track progression (either positive or negative) every month.  Additionally this  score will allow you to compare workers against each other to see who can improve and who is on top.

execution Summary

Understand how you and your team are executing your plan at a glance with the Execution Summary.  Another professional and graphical report that will show you at a glance the 'heartbeat' of your operations.  Understand where you month to date and year to date on budget, labor performance (A.P.E.x), task completion for both plan and fleet tasks.  Additionally see how much you have spent in unproductive or unplanned labor and exactly what the cost of these additional tasks are.

Budget and Expense

Budgets and expenses can be complicated if you are not used to them.  Turf Assistant makes the process so simple that you don't need a CPA to make sense of all the data.  As you enter expenses, Turf Assistant builds all the reports you need to account for your expenditures, know how much money you have left in each of your budget categories and compare month actuals to budget and year actuals to budget.  Take the hassle out of expense reporting as well by easily printing out your expense report without any additional effort on your part.

maintain control during staff transitions

Another benefit of having your plan on a single platform like Turf Assistant is that when the inevitable happens (staff transition) you are not left trying to keep 'all the balls in the air'.  Simply hand over Turf Assistant to your new employee (Superintendent, Assistant, Equipment Technicians, etc) and let them continue with the plan as if nothing had change.

keep your operations moving

Let's face it...we are all going to have staff transitions.  Whether a manager takes a new position or you are forced with a termination, transition is never easy.  With a platform that contains your plan, automates the execution of your plan and provides reporting, transition doesn't have to wreck everything you have built.

faster onboarding

On boarding is always a challenge.  Make the on boarding process easier with a plan and platform that you hand over to new employees that will guide them in the direction they need to be heading ON DAY ONE!

knowledge transfer

As new employees transition in, there is a ton of knowledge that is walking out the door.  By having a single platform where you plan and data live, bring new hires up to speed and get them on board with where your organization has been and where it is heading as quickly as possible.  Yet another benefit to having a single platform for your operations

Smoother transitions for everyone

Staff do not like change anymore than you do.  We are all creatures of habit and while change is inevitable it doesn't always have to feel like we are starting from scratch.  Make the transition to following a new leader as smooth as possible by handing them a platform that will keep everything moving in the same direction.

built in the cloud to be everywhere you are

It works on mobile, table, PC and Mac.  Always on and in the cloud.  No software to install, no servers to run.

Available on all major app stores