turf assistant helps you get the most out of your labor

Schedule and assign Planned and unplanned tasks

Turf Assistant will help you stick to your plan by telling you what needs to be done and what is upcoming in your plan.  Working automatically and around the clock to keep your plan on track.  Easily schedule and assign tasks to individual or multiple workers including job numbers and notes.

Meet Schedule Assistant

Schedule Assistant automatically lets you know what needs to be done, what hasn't been done and what in your plan is coming up in the future.  Easily schedule and assign tasks by area to your work staff to stay on plan.  

Flexible By Nature

Schedule Assistant was designed to be flexible.  A plan is always perfect in theory but not in execution.  Whether it is weather events or something else your plan will not always go 'as planned'.  Schedule Assistant was built to help you roll with the punches easily to stay on track.

assign tasks to staff

Assign tasks to one or multiple workers including job numbers and individual worker notes to keep your plan on track and measure staff performance.  See how much work each worker has and what their current status is.

Deal with the unexpected

A plan is only as good as you can predict the future.  Things happen that are unplanned on an almost daily basis.  Schedule Assistant was built to help you quickly and easily deal with the unexpected and create tasks outside of your plan on the fly to take care of the day to day things that come up.

effectively communicate to your staff

Turf Assistant helps you effectively communicate with your staff.  We like to think effective communication is that where you don't have to speak (internally we call it communicating with duck tap over our mouths).  As you are using Turf Assistant, you are effectively doing just this.  As you assign tasks, enter worker notes, etc there are several areas where the information is communicated to your workers.

Group Whiteboard

Turf Assistant has a built in whiteboard that can be placed in any public location to help you communicate at a glance staff and area tasks that have been assigned and need to be completed.  Enhance your communication by speaking to teams or individuals.

Date based notes

Easily add organizational related notes to the group whiteboard to communicate non task related information.  Allow the notes to display forever or set a specified termination date for a note to communicate about date and time based events.

One On one kiosk

Additionally communicate on a 1:1 basis by added worker notes to each task you assign with Time Assistant (more below).  When the worker logs in they will see who else is on their team and any notes that you have written specifically to them.

worker status

Quickly and easily see worker and task status information at a glance.  Know what workers are working on what, how much longer they are expected to be on their task and what is coming up next for them.  Additionally see any problem areas that you may need to address.

measure and track your staff's performance

Turf Assistant was built to help you measure and track your staff's performance.  Think of time studies but automated and a lot better.  Time Assistant is your assistant that will help you with measuring and tracking your staff's performance.

Meet Time Assistant

Time Assistant automatically tracks staff performance based on the individual tasks that you assign.  Built to mimic traditional time studies but with a twist, Time Assistant as if you could multiply yourself and oversee that every employee is on task and accountant for without having to micromanage.

Individual Performance metrics

Time Assistant helps you to create individual performance metrics for each worker on your staff.   Start by creating a baseline for the A.P.E.x process and measure progression and regression from that baseline to better understand which workers are excelling and which need some training.


Time Assistant was built to automatically implement our A.P.E.x labor process (more below).  Traditional time studies focus on mainly efficiency metrics.  A.P.E.x focuses on all additional areas for maximizing worker performance and does it all seamlessly and at scale.

organization performance metrics

Time Assistant helps you to create organizational performance metrics too.  Start by creating a baseline for the A.P.E.x process for your facility and measure the progression and regression of your facility as a whole.  Additionally be able to compare worker to worker performance as well.