turf assistant helps you manage your fleet proactively

built in Fleet Maintenance plans

Turf Assistant was built to help you easily and effectively maintain your equipment fleet.  Fleet maintenance is no easy task even for the most seasoned technicians.  With all the manual processes and wide range of documentation it isn't easy to stay on top of everything that needs to be done.  Turf Assistant helps solve this problem.

Fleet Maintenance out of the box

Turf Assistant comes out of the box with the recommended fleet maintenance plans from all major manufactures.  Simply add your equipment to Turf Assistant and it knows what to do.  If your equipment isn't in Turf Assistant, let us know and we will add it.

Hour Tracking

Turf Assistant helps you to easily keep track of the hours on each piece of equipment in your fleet.  This is the key to knowing what needs to be done and when.  Hour tracking is so important and should not be a hassle and Turf Assistant helps to make sure that it is not.

Friendly Names

Turf Assistant helps you to easily identify your equipment by allowing you to give each piece of your equipment a friendly and identifiable name.  This helps you to easily reference and label your equipment so you are not guessing which piece if equipment is serial # 500AB92.

Additional Info Tracking

Additionally Turf Assistant helps you keep track of additional information for each piece of equipment in your fleet.  Easily track serial number and warranty end dates to make fleet information recall as simple as possible.

put your fleet maintenance on autopilot

Turf Assistant was built to help you automate the day to day execution of your fleet maintenance.  Once your equipment is setup in Turf Assistant, let Equipment Assistant take over telling you what needs to be done, what hasn't been done and what is upcoming in your maintenance plan.  Short of picking up a wrench and doing the work for you, fleet maintenance couldn't be anymore simplified.

Meet Equipment Assistant

Equipment Assistant automatically lets you know what needs to be done, what hasn't been done and what in your maintenance plan  is coming up in the future.  Easily schedule and assign tasks by equipment or equipment type to your work staff.

Flexible By Nature

Equipment Assistant was designed to be flexible.  Manufacturer's recommendations do not account for all the decisions you make in your organization.  Easily update maintenance plans to fit your needs.  Equipment Assistant was built to help you roll with the punches easily to stay on track.

Assign Tasks To Staff

Assign tasks to one or multiple workers including job numbers and individual worker notes to keep your plan on track and measure staff performance.  See how much work each worker has and what their current status is.  Make sure everyone is on the right task.

Deal With The Unexpected

Maintenance plans only help you with the proactive maintenance of your fleet.   Things happen that are unplanned on an almost daily basis.  Equipment Assistant was built to help you quickly and easily deal with the unexpected and create tasks outside of your routine maintenance.

gain visibility into your fleet maintenance

Whether you are a manager, stakeholder or technician you will have a need to have visibility into your fleet maintenance.  Turf Assistant helps you do this by providing at a glance information to help you gain visibility.  For technicians it will help the stay on top of the maintenance plan and for managers and stakeholders it will give you an 'at a glance' view into everything that is being done.

health of your fleet At a Glance

Turf Assistant helps you to quickly and easily see the health of your equipment fleet at a glance.  No need to walk around and inspect each piece of equipment.  Visually understand what equipment is being maintained and what needs some attention.

Meet Time Assistant

Time Assistant automatically tracks staff performance based on the individual tasks that you assign.  Built to mimic traditional time studies but with a twist, Time Assistant as if you could multiply yourself and oversee that every employee is on task and accountant for without having to micromanage.

inspect what you expect

We like to call it "inspect what you expect" and what we mean by this is inspecting on a daily and weekly basis that the expectation of your staff is being met.  Turf Assistant helps you do this quickly and easily and keeps the 'truth' about your maintenance in the software.  


Time Assistant was built to automatically implement our A.P.E.x labor process (more in labor management).  Traditional time studies focus on mainly efficiency metrics.  A.P.E.x focuses additional areas for maximizing worker performance and does it all seamlessly and at scale.

improve the quality of your entire fleet

Proactive fleet Maintenance has been proven to reduce downtime and improve the overall health and quality of your fleet.  By using Turf Assistant and Equipment Assistant you can easily improve the quality of your fleet, minimize breakdowns, improve you labor output and maintain a a happiness with stakeholders as things are running smoothly.

minimize breakdowns

Proactive fleet maintenance is essential in minimizing your fleet breakdowns.  No different than maintain a vehicle, if you don't take care of it and give it some TLC it is going to not perform as well as it should.

keep stakeholders happy

Stakeholders (owners, managers, customers, etc) do not like it when their expectations are not meet.  Don't let a poor fleet maintenance program cause stress and unhappiness.  By proactively maintaining our fleet we have the best chance possible to keep everyone happy.

increase overall labor output

Fleet breakdowns do more than just damage turf and reduce overall quality of the finished product, it also wreaks your labor performance and output.  What is worse than starting a task just to have your equipment fail.

document service for warranty

With increasing warranty costs to manufacturers, warranty is becoming more and more scrutinized.  Turf Assistant helps you to easily record maintenance documentation and records to provide to manufactures to speed up the warrant process.