turf assistant helps you Plan Attainable,  AgreeableAnd Actionable Practices

set and document expectations

It is important to understand who you are and what you want to be as an organization.  Turf Assistant was built to help you do just this by allowing you to document the vision you have for your facility, define the areas of responsibility to see that vision come to life and start building the foundation that will become the standards for your organization.

Facility Vision

Write you facility's vision out in Turf Assistant so that you document and understand exactly what it is you are trying to accomplish on a short term and long term basis.

define where you are heading

A vision for your facility also needs to define where you want to be.  This helps ensure that the decisions you are making are decisions that are moving in the direction you want to be.  It also gives you the ability to get everyone on the same page and in agreement before moving forward with you plan.

define who you are

A vision for your facility may seem a little 'silly' but with any good plan you have to know where you are going or you will end up some place else.  This exercise is a fundamental building block of all great plans.

define areas of Responsibility

Turf Assistant was built to help you define all of the areas you are responsible for in your vision and execution of your plan.  By defining these areas you can start to identify what will be needed to maintain them to help you achieve the vision you have set for your facility.

Areas of Responsibilty

Create the areas you are responsible for to see the vision become a reality.  Define each area and the standards that will be maintained in order to achieve your facility's vision.

add locations

Identify the locations that make up each area you can document and communicate the specific locations that require maintenance in your plan.

Document standards

Write down how you plan to maintain each area to ensure that it is being maintained within you vision.  Create a standard for that area to be maintained so that everyone understands and agrees upon it.

geofence locations

Create geofences around each location so that you can document accurate sizes for chemical and fertilizer use and reporting.

project budget and staff requirements

How will you know if you plan is even an attainable plan if you can't get an understanding of cost or are unsure if you can find enough labor.  Turf Assistant was built to help you project your budget and staffing requirements so you can better understand if your plan is a plan that you can achieve.

project cost for facility

Get an overall understanding and projection of what your plan is going to cost for you to execute successfully.

Cost broken down by task

Breakdown costs down to each individual task for each area.  Understand and project what each task is going to cost you in labor and application products (chemicals and fertilizers).

cost broken down by area

Detailed cost breakdowns by the areas of responsibility.  Modify you plan to fit your within your budget at a granular level.

staffing requirements

Available staffing is not always a guarantee.  Even if you have the money in your budget sometimes you can't find the staff to execute your plan.  Get a projection of how much staff you will need each month to execute your plan.

get everyone moving in the same direction

There is no I in TEAM.  In order to achieve your facility's vision it is important to have everyone's buy in and get them all moving in the same direction.  Turf Assistant was built to help you do just this.  By going through the planning process you will be able to better understand how much budget you will need for your plan and whether or not it is attainable.  

fit the plan in the budget

Unfortunately we can't always fit the budget in the plan.  In order to have a plan we can be successful with, we have to make sure it fits within our budget.  If we can't find an agreement on plan and budget then we can guarantee a failed plan.

gain stakeholder buy in

Present your vision, areas of responsibility, area standards and tasks to achieve the standards in a professional, data driven document to gain stakeholder buy in.  Understand and show what ever request is going to cost and have something tangible to work together on to get everyone's buy in.

decisions made with data

Make planning and budget decisions based on data and not a gut feeling.  By going through the planning process you are creating a data driven plan that leaves very little room for 'gut feeling' and helps you to really understand what your vision is going to cost you.