Turf assistant certified partner program

Join the Turf Assistant Certified Partner Program and enhance your existing value as well as uncovering new opportunities 

what is a Turf Assistant certified partner?

A Certified Partner is a turf industry professional who consults with or manages multiple properties, recognizes the tremendous value that leveraging technology can provide their clients and has completed the Turf Assistant Certified Partner training.

why should You become a turf assistant certified partner?

Integrated Platform

Turf Assistant provides you with an integrated platform to document standards, plan and execute the tasks required to achieve standards and monitor daily execution and report results even when you are not onsite.

Increase Value

Increase your value to your clients with a BMP (best management practice) tool that allows you to keep site activities heading in the right direction.  Recognize and correct deficiencies BEFORE they become a problem.

Differentiate Yourself

Through the implementation process as a Certified Partner,  you will be providing a BPM tool that will differentiate your services from other consultants and/or management companies.


As Turf Assistant is asked for implementation assistance, these requests will be directed to our Certified Partners.  Implementation assistance will generate additional revenue for our Certified Partners as well as possibly uncover new revenue opportunities for your services.

Who should become a turf assistant certified partner?

management companies

multi-facility organizations


So what are you waiting for?

Join the Certified Partner Program today to chance the value you offer to your clients