turf assistant helps you take the pain out of managing a budget

easily organize your budget and expenses

If you have dealt with budget and expense management before you understand what a real pain it can be to understand and keep organized.  Turf Assistant was built to help you easily organize and maintain your budget and expense management 

Budgeting Simplified

Budget aren't' really that complicated.  It's kind of like having a bucket full of money for each type of expense you have been allotted money for.  Fill up the bucket with money and spend only what you have in each bucket.

Budget Amounts

Budget amounts are the monies that you put in the bucket that have been approved for each budget categories.  Turf Assistant allows you to fill your bucket by month but also to see how each month adds up to for a total amount of money for each category.

budget catetories

Budget categories are like a bucket where we put our budget dollars that have been allotted to us.  Turf Assistant makes this process easy by allowing you to give each account a friendly name to identify the bucket.

meets accounting's expectations

Budget categories are built to meet accounting's expectations as well.  While we like simple friendly names, accountants like number.  Easily enter the account number for each bucket category to make accounting's lives easier.

keep a record of expenses and receipts

Turf Assistant was built to help you easily stay on top of your budget by allowing you to easily record expenses and document receipts as they happen.  

Meet Expense Assistant

Expense Assistant helps you to easily track all of your expenses as they occur.  Enter the expense and a copy of your receipt into Expense Assistant and it will handle the rest.

Flexible management

Just like everything else budgets are perfect in nature by theory but can and will change based on the day to day needs.  Turf Assistant makes it easy to make on the fly changes to your budgets and reallocate monies to other budgets if need be.

easily record expenses

Expense Assistant allows you to record the date, supplier, budget category, amount a a copy of the receipt or statement to manage your overall budget.

gain visibility into where money is spent

Chemicals and fertilizers, equipment repair and maintenance, payroll and all the other expenses that you have to keep your facility running can be overwhelming.  Expense Assistant was built to help you document and organize all these expenses against your budget and give you visibility into where your money was spent

At a glance view of budget

As you enter your expenses into Expense Assistant you are able to quickly and easily see how much money you have left in each budget category and how much you have spent year to date.

historical receipts

Additionally view copies of your receipts that you attach in Expense Assistant to streamline your enter record keeping process.

expense history by category

Quickly and easily click on any of the budget categories to recall and view what expenses make up the amounts, when the expense happened, who it was purchased from and what it was for.

easy to understand reports that don't require an accounting degree

Turf Assistant was built to make budget and expense reporting simple.  Trust us it can get complicated but we believe that a simple solution is best.  It shouldn't require an accounting degree to understand how much money you started with and where it all went.

budgets you can undertand

Easily understand your budgets and be in control of the process from day one.  Ensure that your budget numbers are matching up with accountings in order to protect you budget dollars.

expense reports on autopilot

Like everything else built around the Plan. Execute. Report. platform, Turf Assistant was built to help you put your expense reporting on autopilot.  As you enter your expenses in Expense Assistant, is building your expense reports so you don't have to.

no spreadsheets

Turf Assistant makes it easy to run your budget without the need for complicated formulas and spreadsheets.  We know how finicky spreadsheets can be and how one small mistake can break your entire solution.