Plan. Execute. Report.

Turf Assistant is a unique solution that helps golf courses Plan attainable standards within a given a budget, Execute those standards on a daily basis and then Report on the execution of the plan.  

What can Turf Assistant do for you?  Take a look below to see.

What Can Turf Assistant Do For Me?

Can you answer the following questions? Turf Assistant can…

Are management and staff’s expectations aligned and are they feasible with the resources available? What is our agronomic plan for the year?
We started with a plan and a budget at the beginning of the year…how are we doing? If asked to add a new agronomic task to our operations can we do it with our current resources? Why or why not?
How and where are labor dollars being spent on the course? Are we asking too much of our workers? Are we asking enough of our workers?
Who are our most productive workers? How long is each labor task taking to complete?
What equipment is costing us the most money and time? Which equipment experiences the most downtime?
Is our equipment being maintained properly and serviced at the appropriate intervals? How many hours does each piece of equipment in our fleet have?
What is our chemical and fertilizer plan for the year? How much nitrogen has been applied to our target location year to date?
What chemicals have we applied, where, by whom, and what is our accumulation by brand and active ingredient?

How Does Turf Assistant Do This

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Having a plan is extremely important if you want to be successful at whatever you do.  Most of us have a plan but keeping that plan organized so that you can execute isn’t always the easiest thing.  The first step in Turf Assistants methodology is to Plan.  By setting up a plan in Turf Assistant you are setting yourself up to be successful.  This plan will guide you through the year and make sure that you are on the right track managing your turf the way you wanted to.  Turf Assistant helps you with setting up your plan these ways:



Ok so you have a plan, now what?  The second step of Turf Assistant’s methodology is Execute.  What good is an organized plan if you don’t have an easy way to execute that plan.  This is really where the features of Turf Assistant come into play.  Turf Assistant has tools designed to help you more easily execute your plan to be as efficient as possible.  Increasing efficiency will help you and your staff to better execute your plan quicker and easier than ever before.  Turf Assistant can help you increase your efficiency tremendously by understand what your plan is and helping you to execute on that plan, know what you are asking of your staff and whether or not it is getting completed.  Execution is key to being successful with any plan and the following areas help you with this:


The final step to Turf Assistant’s methodology is Report.  What good is having a plan that you execute perfectly if you cannot report on it and see how well you did.  This is the most powerful feature of Turf Assistant.  All the information that you used to have in head or on a dry erase board has now been put into Turf Assistant (with your Plan and Execution steps) and is ready to have detailed analytics to report back to you on whether or not you and your team met your expectations for the year.  Being able to look back and see how you executed versus your plan is a crucial part of becoming a better turf professional.  Turf Assistant helps you do this quickly and easily and gives you the ability to present professional looking reports, with charts and graphs, to your management to show them what you are doing, how you are doing and how much it is costing to do it.  Some of the reports available out of the box are:

Additional Features

Multi-Facility Management

Are you responsible for multiple facilities? Turf Assistant is built to help you manage multiple facilities from one place. Compare metrics between all your facilities and see where your staff is excelling and where they can improve. Surface key indicators across all your facilities that spell trouble and take action immediately to ensure potential problems are solved before they happen.

Chemical and Equipment Documentation

Turf Assistant has all your documentation for equipment and chemicals built right in. The execution piece is all about increasing efficiency and there is no reason for you, your equipment technician or your spray tech to have to chase around manuals. Turf Assistant helps you to quickly and easily find your operators manuals, parts manuals, material safety data sheets and product labels on your computer, phone or tablet.

Cloud Based Infrastructure

Turf Assistant is built on and developed with the latest and greatest technologies. We have created Turf Assistant to live in the cloud and we utilize the same exact infrastructure Amazon uses to run all of their website and streaming services. Turf Assistant is accessible anywhere you have an internet connection and browser or smartphone/tablet. It is always on and ready to work for you.

iOS and Android Apps

Turf Assistant has dedicated mobile and tablet apps for Apple and Android devices. Take Turf Assistant where ever you go. The apps are full, native versions of what you use on your desktop so you can really use Turf Assistant wherever you are. Check in on your staff and what they have assigned if you are out of town or off for the weekend. Assign tasks or change schedules on the fly (that are instantly displayed on the Digital Whiteboard) no matter where you are. The apps allow you to execute your plan any time any where.

Who Is Turf Assistant For?


  • Superintendents
  • Equipment Managers
  • Management Companies
  • Course Owners


  • Facility Managers
  • Equipment Managers
  • Board of Directors


  • Parks Manager
  • Goverment Contractors
  • Municiple Leaders